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#lovemademedoit - your dream gown awaits you!

What moves you?

Experience the Tradition

Is it that moment when he first sees you walking towards him down the aisle?

The look on his face when he connects with you and your eyes. When he trembles just a little bit, because he is trying to hold it together, but he is overwhelmed with you and your beauty?
Is it the rush of experience, love or the beautiful road ahead you will share together?

Is it your fathers steady hand on your arm or your mother’s loving embrace as you walk (or float) down the aisle in front of your cherished family and friends.

Is it the experience at The Bridal Centre with the ones who travelled to be with you on the day you found your dream dress – the shared joy in the sisterhood of the rituals of wedding planning and the most fun part! Looking for your perfect gown!

Is it the journey of your life, culminating on this day, where love is celebrated and new beginnings start?

Original Bridal Centre 1978 Acadia Dr SE

Our "about" is for every person who has ever fallen in love! Engaged in the celebration of love, because we get to share that moment with you. THAT IS WHAT MOVES US!

Some people think that brick and mortar shops are dead.

Some people think that all shopping will be done on a lifeless computer screen without human interaction; that a few clicks is all it takes for things to turn out perfect. Ordering a book online is easy enough, but when it comes to a wedding dress, there’s no substitute for what we offer. WHICH MOVES US TO MAKE IT A SPECIAL EXPERIENCE FOR YOU.

We move beyond the phone screen, beyond the endless options available to you. The experience is real and geniune. Warm and intimate moments within our shop WITH expert stylists who care. We are here to guide you through each detail so you can envision how perfect you will look on your wedding day. This is a service that even the internet can’t replicate. Nor should it.

We provide a sincere and endearing effort to clear the clutter, helping you find a wedding dress that makes your inner beauty glow. Our stylists aren’t here to sell you a wedding dress, they are here to make finding your dream dress an impeccable experience so your wedding day is everything you dreamed it would be.

Building The Bridal Centre

1988 Nora McAleer realizing her dream to build Canada's largest bridal store.

Over 40 years of thrilling and serving brides and their wedding parties. Service and word of mouth is still the philosphy which drives us today.

We are always motivated by our founders vision.

We have a wealth of stylists that believe in our founders vision. We have expert buyers analyzing each collection, weeding out deceptive wedding dresses that look the part but will never fit.

Seamstresses who work 12 hours a day, expertly tailoring each dress to each individual body to create a red carpet fit.

The Bridal Centre is truly a multi-generational local Calgary-based business where we have so much experience in making dreams come true. I think it’s so cool that we probably helped you find a grad dress when you were graduating or the fact that your mom bought her wedding dress from my mom.

Speaking of moms, my mother Nora McAleer spent the entirety of her working career building this business, which was her life endeavor. She believed in sincerity, honesty, hard-work and the love of helping a bride arrive at the destination of her imagination... her dreams.

She’s a lot like everyone’s mom because her heart was so big. Her passion for brides grew her small business into one of the largest in North America.

I’ll also mention she won Canadian Woman Entrepeneur of the year in 2004 for innovation. That’s a pretty big accomplishment considering when she started out, the banks would not loan money to female entrepreneurs.

Love is the mesh that intertwines all of us

We can't wait for you to be part of our family and us to be part of yours.

When you choose The Bridal Centre you become a Bridal Centre Bride

What does it all mean to you?

It means we're there, every single step of the way, cheering you on. After all, you're the reason we're in this business and still thriving because of our passion for you.

Knowing that we've played a small, yet crucial role in your wedding is so rewarding.

What's even more rewarding is the gratitude we receive from you and your loved ones after the wedding. However, the pleasure is all ours. We love our brides and grooms like family and seeing all of the stunning wedding pictures truly warms our hearts.

But we would be lying if we said things always work out perfectly. Problems arise sometimes, unpredictable and unavoidable. No matter the problem, we promise to be transparent and to work with you to resolve it.

We have just one location in all of Canada, but we are the biggest out there and ironically, the most personable. Your happiness is what makes us happy. As a family business, we know the bond between family members is unbreakable and worth fighting for. When you step through our doors, you are family and you will be cared for at every step of the process.