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Hand crafted, sophisticated BOHO chic wedding dresses that will take everyones breath away


MUSE by Berta story proves time and time again that romance always prevails. The 2020 MUSE by Berta collection exemplifies that moment where love is the primary element. It all starts from the variety of elaborate fabrics to the complex layers of tulle fabric there is a story to tell behind each masterpiece of a dress.

The MUSE BY BERTA line is changing very rapidly, since its inception back in 2017, the line has generated hollywood buzz throughout the world, with many praising it as THE cutting edge bridal line in the industry. It is the combination between high level artisan work all hand made and a relaxed but well constructed pattern cut that shows the real brilliance behind how each dress fits and looks on a bride. This is the reason there are so many celebrities, top models, influencers and stunning brides from all over the world that have embraced the MUSE line and choose it for their big day. 

In this S/S 2020 collection, MUSE proceeds in this path of evolution, creating a light, refreshing and chic feel. There will always be the beauty of softness with a hint of that BERTA glam and this line is exactly where they meet. Introducing new lengths and silhouettes, combined with fine embroidery and touch of sparkle, all meant to create more of a variety and continued charm. This is for the modern bride that is in love with the trendy design but is timeless in essence.

While all of this is words trying to describe dresses that seem to exude every possible emotion of love, trying them on and finding your Berta will be the true thrill.