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Affordable Wedding Dresses

Read below for the top five tips to save on your wedding dress

While we carry many price ranges, we are very mindful to your budget when it comes to your dream gown. Every single year we take the time to meet with designers directly to assess the quality of new collections. And each year, we procure unique bridal gowns that look like they were pulled from a royal wedding, but are actually priced affordably while not sacrificing on the quality or style. The intricacy of the lace and sheer radiance of how it fits you when you get your dress from The Bridal Centre is infinitely better than other stores and especially the Internet. And we’ll tell you exactly why!

You don’t have to equate saving money on your wedding gown with compromising for a low quality bridal dress: a dress that doesn’t fit, a wedding dress shipped to you from the Internet, which is terrible when it arrives (this never works out). Your wedding dress story shouldn’t be a horror story!

This is one of the most important decisions you will make for your wedding day! We’ve embedded some videos for you to watch and see how intricate and beautiful dresses on a budget can be. We hope you can see how the construction, fabrication, and design all add up to create a dream gown.

You can have it all…..

TIP #1

Do your research! All wedding gowns are not created equal. Many excellent designers will have a line that is focused on hitting a great price point. Rebecca Ingram by Maggie Sottero is a great example. It’s similar to getting a Lexus at Toyota prices. You don’t give up the famous fit, lace and pure elegance, but you will save hundreds of dollars and look fantastic!

TIP #2

Consignment and previously worn dresses usually don’t work out because a wedding dress is altered to an individual body. For the same price, you can get a new dress or a designer wedding dress that is not from a recent collection. Our bridal stylists will go through hundreds of gowns to find one that fits amazing. Why not have a discontinued dress that was worth thousands for a substantial discount?

TIP #3

Don’t sacrifice the craftsmanship, quality and ultimately how good you will look in your wedding gown over your budget. Many brides will move higher on their budget. One thing our buyers do when travelling the world is make sure to eliminate budget dresses that cut corners and that can never be fixed to fit you perfectly. So when you purchase a dress from The Bridal Centre, no matter the price, you can expect a wedding dress that has attributes to make you glow. That first look when he walks down the aisle will be forever.

TIP #4

Leave enough in your budget for wedding dress alterations. Remember when we warned about purchasing a dress that has been altered? You could buy a wedding dress for over $10,000 but if you don’t have it professionally altered for your wedding day it won’t look good! The key to looking fabulous in your wedding dress is to have expert alterations. We can make an $800 dress look like it was custom made for you.

TIP #5

Really, really remember this when you are shopping: There are a lot of dresses out there — they might all look the same, but all dresses are not made with the same level of quality and attention to detail. With our experience we can tell you some nightmare stories of brides who’ve purchased based on price alone, only to end up spending triple on alterations. Dresses are made so differently and some of them very poorly. This will never happen to you at The Bridal Centre.