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Bride: Darcee Smigelski

The day of June 21,2014 was by far the best day of my life. The most memorable experience from our wedding happened at the catholic church, where I got to marry my best friend. Saying our "I Do's" and having everyone whom is so special to us be there is a moment I will never forget! Everything that happened later on that day was amazing and I definitely felt like a princess but I realized it wasn't about all the little details we put into everything that truly mattered it was realizing how grateful and lucky I am to have such an amazing man for the rest of my life.

Such a beautiful sentiment and memory on your wedding day. You looked stunning in your dress! Photo's are inspiring!

Bride: Lorraine Mcpartlan

I had an amazing experience!! Deb was so helpful and she found me the perfect dress!

Loved loved loved The Bridal Centre

Bride: Rita Bertolini

The Consultants were so helpful and patient with me, and provided a lot of dress options. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.

Bride: Miranda Weston

I had a wonderful experience. Claire helped me find my dress. She was very accommodating and listened to exactly what I wanted. She brought such a variety of dresses for me to try on and I found my dress after the 5th one I tried on! Thank you for such a wonderful experience.

Bride: Janelle Tibbatts

Brittney was wonderful. She was quick to assess what I liked and didn't and easily narrowed down the scope so I didn't have to try on hundreds of dresses. It was such an easy experience with her which was great!

Bride: Paula Luca

I had a great experience in your story. Chantel was excellent, and really listened to what I am looking for. She brought me a large selection of dresses to try on, and allowed my friends to also suggest dresses.

Bride: Denise Maxwell

I had a great experience in the store. Andrea was a very helpful consultant! She really helped me narrow down what works the best for me in a bridal gown.

Bride: Jocelyn Loman

Brittany was very helpful and selected a number of gowns that suited my taste. Unfortunately I did not find the gown that day. I did not feel pressured to purchase a gown like I have felt at other stores.

Bride: Daniella Balzan

Sara was amazing, she listened to me and responded effectively to my expectations. I am so ready to say yes to that dress!!!

Bride: Angela Miller

I had a great experience! I have been to 4 others stores and this was my favourite experience. It was nice to have the space and privacy within the curtains. I was never made uncomfortable while changing or when I had opinions on a dress. The selection also allowed for my taste and styles.

Bride: Diana Lam

Britney had amazing eye for what style would look good on me.

Bride: Caitlind Porter

I did have an enjoyable experience at the Bridal Centre. I went in with fairly low expectations because of the very specific style of dress I am looking for. The consultant was pleasant and worked within what I wanted.

Bride: Carole Beatty

The staff was very professional and helpful and suggested exactly the type of dresses I said I was looking for.

Bride: Holly Mcdicken

The selection of dresses and the bridal consultant were great. However, the hospitality is greatly lacking. Small bottles of water could be provided. Choosing the perfect dress is not just about the dress but the whole experience :) it would help customers feel at ease and more taken care of.

Note: Water is available, thanks for your great feedback.

Bride: Niki Thoms

Yes, I had a great experience at your store. Debbie was syper helpful and pulled the exact dresses I described. She might have the pulled 'the' dress. I just need to bring my mom back one more time to confirm.

I plan on returning not only for my dress but quite possibly my bridesmaids dresses as well.

Bride: Ali Hawkins

The woman who helped me was excellent, the store was beautiful, and the selection was great.

Bride: Melissa Angyalfi

I had an amazing experience. Chantal (I hope am spelling her name correctly) was extremely helpful, patient and engaged in our session. I came in with a few loose ideas on what I thought I wanted but mostly I was feeling a little overwhelmed at the all the possibilities not having tried on any dresses prior to that appointment. It didn't take long for Chantal to figure out my style and what looked best on me. She seemed genuinely excited with me and my family as we found dresses that made me feel amazing. We have our top two on file and I will be returning to make the final decision :)

Bride: Kathryn Edwards

The lady assisting me was knowledgeable and didn't go too "out there" from what I described as my desired style.

Bride: Jessica Harty

Yes! The bridal consultant was very polite and after speaking to her about what I wanted she pulled similar items and did not deviate from what I preferred. All the staff was very professional and knowledgable.

Bride: Melanie Kullman

It was a wonderful experience.

Our consultant was very helpful and based on my description of what I was looking for was able to pull a number of dresses that matched what I was looking for.

Yes. I plan on buying my bridal gown from the Bridal Centre as well as making an appointment for my bridesmaids to look for dresses.

Bride: Breanne Moyer

My experience was awesome. Amanda was helping me and she was very helpful and made me feel comfortable. Previously I shopped at two other bridal stores and my experience here blew me away. Amanda treated me like she cared about what I wanted and like she wanted to help me find the perfect dress. I don't think I tried on a dress that I did not like. They all were what I was looking for in a dress and one stood out from them all. I will definitely be back to try it on again. Thank you Amanda for the awesome customer service. I look forward to to our next meeting.

Bride: Andrea Martinson

I had a great experience! I loved the one on one attention. My consultant was extremely helpful and was able to find every dress that I had on my list to try, as well as bringing me some other dresses that were similar to what I was looking for. There was a lot of room to see the dresses, and it was a very relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere.

Bride: Jenn Suke

Yes, it was lovely! Calm, relaxed, and productive.

Will be returning to the bridal centre, and plan on purchasing from there


Bride: Claudia Al-Janaby

I had a great experience in your store and I liked the consultant that was helping me. She showed me some things that were outside of my confort zone and I am so pleased that she did as I actually really like her suggestions.
Overall, it was a great experience.


Bride: Jenna Frere

Great experience! My consultant made sure I got exactly what I wanted through a fun meeting and tried her best to make every gown fit and look close to what it would be on my wedding day. I found my perfect gown in my budget and would recommend the bridal centre to anyone :)

Bride: Tara Mulzet

I found the consultant to be very helpful and showed me a wide range of styles so I could narrow down the silhouette I wanted.

I'm still not 100% decided on my gown but I found a veil I want as well as I would like to shop for accessories and bridesmaids dresses.

Bride: Andrea Gignac

We had a great experience. I felt attended to and appreciated as a customer. I felt that the sales coordinator listened to what I wanted and was very accommodating and knew what I was looking for and what to bring me.

I am pretty sure I will be returning to order the dress I found in the next few weeks. I would definitely go if I am in a wedding party again and recommend other brides go there for a great experience.


Bride: Megan Cahdle

Yes, I had good experience. Amanda my consultant was very helpful and made my experience a lot of fun.

Bride: Ashley Wannamaker

The staff listened carefully to what I was looking for and helped me to efficiently try on a number of beautiful wedding dresses. I was able to narrow my bridal gown search down to four dresses in my fitting, and will be back to try them on for friends and family.

Bride: Rosalind Goldsmith

AMAZING! 5/5 for sure! From the initial booking online to the follow up phone call from the store, everyone was professional and friendly. The staff (and especially my bridal consultant) was friendly, helpful and gracious!

Yes, I had a great bridal consultant (Brittany), who listened to what I "envisioned" myself in and pulled wonderful dresses that I could not have thought existed. She was polite, gracious, friendly and helpful. I never once felt nervous, which was amazing considering it was my first "real" attempt at trying on dresses. I cannot explain how great it felt to be "heard" by the consultant, it really felt like she cared about helping me figure out what I truly wanted. The dress I really wanted to try on was not initially in (Donna- Maggie Sottero), but she helped me find similar silhouettes and at the end of the first session found me a truly spectacular gown. Although I didn't purchase a dress on the first appointment Brittany knew I really wanted to try on the other one, so she said she would make sure to contact me when it came in so that I could compare it to the one today. I was shocked the next day when Brittany called me and told me the "donna" gown was in. She was even able to get me in the same day! She was so excited when I got there, and it helped me calm down as I was by myself. The dress was everything I had hoped it would be, and Brittany helped me facetime with my mom, and was incredibly gracious. The other consultants were kind and friendly and loved the gown on me. The dress and service were more than I could ask for, so thank you for your lovely employee's insight and assistance, she is the reason I bought my gown from your store.

I am incredibly thankful for the stress-free appoints and that I was able to get a gown that is completely me!
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